I have created iBankruptcy to ease the information gathering process necessary to determine if you should file bankruptcy.  The information you submit through the online intake form comes directly to me. I review it and then respond with my analysis.  My analysis includes the types of bankruptcy which you could file, what each type will look like tailored to your situation, and the FEES associated with each type. How much does it cost to file bankruptcy? It will depend on your specific case, but read on for a detailed breakdown of the fees involved.


First, the “I” referred to above is me, Pete Jarvis.  I am a North Carolina attorney with a firm located in Archdale, NC.  I have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases over the past several years.  If you have any questions for me you can email me directly at law@ibankruptcy.com or call at (336)431-9155.


Bankruptcy Fees


The first point to note here is that the totality of fees paid and the method through which they are paid will differ depending on the type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13).  Both types will include some combination of the following fees: (1) court filing fee, (2) credit counseling/financial management course, and (3) attorney fee.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees

✔ Court Filing Fee: $335

✔ Credit Counseling/Financial Management Course: $37

✔ Attorney Fee: $828 – $1,228

✔ TOTAL AMOUNT: $1,200 – $1,600


The amount that must be paid before your case can be filed = the TOTAL AMOUNT ($1,200 – $1,600).


The amount of attorney fee ($828 – $1,228) you will pay in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will depend on a couple of factors.  A complex case will make the attorney fee fall on the higher end. The attorney fee for a person with a fixed, low monthly income may fall on the lower end.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fees

✔ Court Filing Fee: $310

✔ Credit Counseling/Financial Management Course: $0

✔ Attorney Fee: $2,500 – $4,500 (paid through your Chapter 13 plan payment)


The typical amount that I charge before your case can be filed is $310, or there is a $0 money down option.  At times, I require the client to pay some attorney fee upfront (typically around $500). But this is rare and is typically only charged when it would benefit the client. 


$0 money down option in Chapter 13.  The Court offers people filing a Chapter 13 the option to finance the $310 filing fee over the first 3 months of their bankruptcy.  This will allow you to pay the filing fee in smaller monthly payments rather than having to pay it all at once. Keep in mind that these monthly filing fee payments are paid IN ADDITION to your Chapter 13 monthly payments.  Typically the filing fee installment payments are broken down as follows:


Month 1: $100

Month 2: $100

Month 3: $110


If you desire to find out exactly what your bankruptcy fees will be or my ideas/recommendations for how to save for these fees, then complete the online intake form or give me a call to discuss (336-431-9155).




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