Why Us:

EASIER Way to Provide Our Law Firm with Necessary Information
FASTER Analysis of Your Situation That You Can Trust
FEWER Trips To Our Law Firm

Experienced Law Firm

We are a real North Carolina law firm (Tennant & Jarvis, P.C.) and not a referral service. After years of meeting with prospective clients the old fashioned way, we decided to create iBankruptcy to help simplify the bankruptcy process. Our law firm files numerous bankruptcy cases each year in the Middle District of North Carolina and has done so for several years. We are not new to the bankruptcy legal practice. We have simply decided to modernize that practice.


Faster Analysis Of Your Situation

Determining how your situation fits into a bankruptcy is complicated and complex. It requires a lot of information about you and your spouse if you are married. By filling out the intake form, most of the information we need to analyze your situation will be provided to us. Our law firm will begin to look at the information you provide immediately. We will then discuss with you what a bankruptcy will look like for you over the phone or in person if you desire to come into our office. You will very quickly know whether or not bankruptcy is a good idea for you.


EASIER Way To Provide Our Law Firm With Necessary Information

Allowing an attorney to determine what bankruptcy will look like for you requires you to provide the attorney with an abundance of information. Before iBankruptcy, most law firms required you to fill out a large packet of paperwork by hand and deliver the paperwork back to them. Our online intake form is designed to allow you to provide our law firm with most of the necessary information in a more 21st century way. There may be certain documents you have to upload or email to us, but the majority of the information we need will come from the intake form.


Fewer Trips To Our Law Firm

Before iBankruptcy, when an individual would seek an attorney’s help in filing a bankruptcy the individual would have to make several trips into the attorney’s office. The first trip was to complete a consultation discussing your situation and bankruptcy in general. At this consultation, you were provided with a packet of documents that you had to fill out and return to the attorney’s office, making that your second trip to the attorney’s office. The attorney then analyzed your situation, spoke with you about the analysis, and then invited you back into his office for a third time to go through all of your paperwork to get the bankruptcy case filed.

One of our goals is to reduce the amount of times you have to travel to our office…although you are welcome anytime. First, you will fill out the intake form on iBankruptcy; second, you will speak with our attorney over the phone (or in person) regarding the analysis of your case and the ins and outs of bankruptcy, and third, you will schedule a time to come to our office to file your case. You should only have to come to our office once to file your case, though some situations can be more complex and require more visits.